Who Are We?

Who are we?

People working through and with each other to be successful.

Our mission is to foster efficient and effective organizations by more fully utilizing the abilities of all the people who work for them.
We enhance technical systems (how the work gets done, how products get made, or how service is provided) through
• Improved teamwork and collaboration
• Effective communication processes
• Creating Organizational alignment
• Reducing the ‘silos’ and the ‘island effect’
We increase ‘organizational IQ’ by developing teams for innovation, improvement, problem solving and organizational learning. We help develop the soft skills that make the hard skills work.
How do we do this?
We create a partnership for change by working with organizations to

• Understand their strengths
• Identify priority areas for improvement
• Design interventions to build on strengths and to capture opportunities
• Ensure that internal human systems and technical systems are mutually supportive
What do we do?
We provide customized services that utilize a combination of
• Organizational assessment
• Consulting
• Coaching
• Training
We provide Coaching, consulting and training to support
• Strategic planning
• Leadership development
• Effective Teamwork
• Effective communication
• Excellent Customer experience
• Conflict management
• Staff development
• Effective meetings
• Working Through Time
• Quality improvement
• Problem solving
• Safety and health
• Culture change
Who do we work with?
Our clients include
➢ Organizations who want to up their game to address drivers such as
• Changes in their marketplace
• Emerging technologies
• New competitors
• Heightened customer expectations
➢ Organizations that want to change their game, to make a strategic transformation.
Our clients come from
• Health care, support industries, and service providers
• Industry
• Not for profits
Our core Values
• People are an organization’s most important asset.
• The people affected by change need to be part of the process as early as possible
• Any change process must be as transparent as possible
• Communication is a multivalent (at least two-way) process
• Change requires planning, preparation, training, and follow-up
• Any intervention is a process requiring commitment, active leadership, and ongoing reinforcement
Whatever we do, we remain committed to helping clients achieve their potential