Building a Winning Healthcare Team

Female Nurse and a Group of Medical Personnel

Build a Winning Healthcare Team

The success of patient outcomes rests on a coordinated effort of best practices through a team of professionals, each contributing to a patient’s care from a specific discipline.  Working together as a successful team requires appropriately communicating information, making high level decisions, solving problems together and planning the most effective synchronized efforts to achieve goals.  Frequently, even cooperative teams have conflicts around professional and practical issues of managing patient care, and any issue that impacts team functioning also impacts patient outcomes.

Build a Winning Team Outcomes include:

* Build trust between each other as team members and with team leadership. * Ask appropriate questions to give and get vital information, reach clarity and curtail assumptions. * Understand the differences in individual team members’ roles, rules, goals and expectations that govern professional approaches and practice. * Strengthen team member bonds even when players change. * Recognize when there are personal and professional needs for skill building to enhance practice. * Amplify decision making and problem solving skills. * Develop the right architecture for specific team meetings.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to identify their specific team’s development needs and co-create an approach to meet them in a highly interactive, real situation based environment.   This offering is divided into 4 two-hour segments given once weekly for a month.  Achievements and challenges are recorded in personal Action Journals, and before and after assessments will measure movement toward the components of a high functioning team.



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