Business and Industry


  • Does your company need to cut costs?
  • Are new products and new technologies necessary for survival?
  • Are you worried about your company’s future?

The solutions to these problems are both social and technical in nature.  PeopleWorking Consultants prepares companies to meet future challenges.  As global market pressures intensify, the competitive environment grows increasingly harsh, the stakes increase, and the margin for error continues to narrow.  Yet cumbersome decision making processes, ineffective communication, poor coordination, and inefficient allocation of resources, constrain the future of many companies.  These problems interfere with their ability to respond in a timely manner to competitive challenges.  PeopleWorking Consultants helps you reduce these “internal transaction costs” – a major source of waste.  Our consulting and training will help you develop and support the social and technical skills required to reduce waste and decrease costs.

Our Approach

We help you engage the whole organization to build increased trust, develop effective communication, leverage employee experience and knowledge, foster leadership, adapt to change, and innovate.  We provide the consulting and training needed to understand and align around the firm’s mission, values, and strategic direction. Training that sticks

We Can Help

Reduce costs

Effective and sustainable improvement requires commitment from the people closest to the production process.  At dozens of plants our problem solving and process analysis workshops have given workers and managers the tools and skills they need to identify and reduce sources of waste and to cut costs.  Our consulting and facilitated practice have provided the support required for effective implementation and lasting behavioral change and ongoing learning.

Introduce new products, processes, and services

Early workforce involvement reduces the time required to “de-bug” new technologies and minimizes resistance to change.  Our training and facilitated practice have helped companies more quickly realize the benefits of new product lines, services, processes, and technologies.