Health Care

1314902_medical_doctorHealthcare is a universal concern. We at PeopleWorkingConsultants have been engaged with healthcare professionals and support services for over twenty years. Weíre savy about the changes in the business of healthcare and have based our interventions on developing the skills and processes needed to be proactive in maintaining high quality service as resources continue to shrink.

Our client organizations have included major medical centers, hospitals, CCRCís, outpatient services, disability services, state agencies, medical offices. From physicians and nurses, to ancillary personnel and support services we have assessed strengths and challenges and designed interventions resulting in measurable outcomes:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction survey scores
  • Reduced errors in patient management across shifts and departments
  • Moderated absenteeism and callouts
  • Planned cost effective resource utilization / reduced waste
  • Maximized both workforce and patient safety

We have worked with executives and administrators to strengthen their teams and keep them on track toward achieving organizational goals.
Our training and support of managers and supervisors have amplified consistent and effective behaviors to increase accountability and responsibility among their employees for improved performance.

Clients have benefited from our work with Support Services personnel to align them with the shared goals of enhancing the patient experience.

Healthcare Focus:
Healthcare Organizations including Hospitals and Medical Centers, CCRCís, Outpatient Services, Disability Services, State Agencies, Medical Offices, and other appropriate healthcare resources.

Measurable Outcomes Include:
* Increasing customer satisfaction survey scores
* Reducing errors in patient management across shifts and departments
* Moderating absenteeism and callouts
* Planning cost effective resource utilization / reducing waste
* Maximizing both workforce and patient safety
* Supporting best patient outcomes
What We Do to Get there:
We partner with clients to create the conditions that allow them to develop and reinforce effective behaviors throughout the organization. Our processes and interventions assist clients in developing clear, measurable goals and optimal personnel performance and patient outcomes. Working with clients we:
* Capitalize strategic planning and foster innovation
* Develop effective, clear and on target communications interdepartmentally and between employees
* Diminish departmental and personal conflicts and reduce silo behaviors
* Promote unit team collaboration and culture shift
* Boost customer experience
* Advance proactive change management
* Promote high level employee engagement
* Amplify supervisory and management skills