Organization Development


What Does Organization Development Do?

Organization Development Practitioners consult with you and your people to help them work well with and through each other to accomplish the goals of your organization.  We help you create strategies, develop skills and offer tools that boost people’s capacity to ‘work smarter’.

“The more successful your people, the more successful your organization.”

 We begin with Customized Assessments which provide information about what’s working well and where your challenges are.  Then we develop plans with you to consider assistance in the following areas:

 Supporting your People  

  • Communication Strategies
    • Work with people to improve communication skills
    • Navigate through Differences
    • Assist with communication plans and impact
    • Facilitate meetings to hasten actionable outcomes, decision-making and problem solving
    • Coach on how to coach employees
    • Coach Management and Executives
  • Leadership and Staff development:
    • Support strategies for leadership and team assessment and development
    • Offer skills and tools to avoid and reduce conflict
    • Suggest areas of continuous learning for leadership and staff
    • Bolster trust and trustworthiness
  • Team Building:
    • Evaluate effectiveness of your team
    • Work with people to adopt generative team building behaviors
    • Provide strategies for exceptional  team interaction, follow-through and accountability.

Boosting your Service Excellence

  • Creating a Customer Centric Focus
    • Design guiding principles with you that define your Service Standards
    • Help employees boost their service behaviors and
    • Maximize customer perceptions of first-rate service
  • Managing Change and Transition:
    • Help design and evaluate change management strategies
    • Help develop measurements to capture effectiveness of change strategies
    • Guide Leadership and Staff through Change

 Achieving your Corporate Goals

  • Mission and Vision alignment
    • Re-visit /and further develop mission and vision so it  is an active  living assertion, not just a wall plaque.
    • Facilitate management team in designing a strategic plan that supports the successful alignment of actions to the vision and mission of the organization and individual units.
    • Facilitate creative ways to meet financial expectations while meeting service goals.
    • As outcomes of Organization Development Assessment results, we may coach in teams or one-on-one, facilitate customized training workshops, and develop specific plans with you that address what we agree on that needs to advance.